Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Information Session

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 12:00pm




















Thursday November 9th @ 12PM; LUNCH PROVIDED

ARCH 108, 3601 Locust Walk 

Come learn more about the application procedures and fellowship requirements for the FLAS fellowship, this Thursday in Arch 108! Representatives from the Center of Africana Studies, South Asia Center, and the Middle East Center will be there to answer your questions!

Application deadline: January 19, 2018


AIIS deadlineDecember 31, 2018

Three types of AIIS language programs are offered:

Summer Programs: 8 weeks, from June to August  
Academic Year Programs: 9 months, from September to May  
One Semester Programs 

If accepted, students can/should apply for the FLAS program through SAC. 

       Undergraduates receive $10k towards tuition and a $5k stipend

       Graduate students receive $18k towards tuition and a $15k stipend  

More Information here.


Learn with us - in India.
The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) language program offers intensive, immersion-based instruction in over 15 modern and classical South Asian languages at multiple sites in India.

All are welcome.
Language programs are open to undergraduates, graduate students and faculty at U.S. institutions, as well as others with an academic or professional interest in intensive language study.

Increase your proficiency or start from scratch.
From introductory to advanced level, instruction is available for multiple proficiency levels. Several of our language programs require no previous language study.

Work with your schedule.
In 2018-19, language instruction is offered in summersemester, and academic year programs. 

Now accepting applications.