Workshop: Muslim Exceptionalism: Islam, the Academy and the Global Public

Friday, October 24, 2014 - 9:30am

Muslim Exceptionalism: Islam, the Academy and the Global Public

October 24, 2014

Meyerson Conference Room, Van Pelt Library, 2nd Floor

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


0930 – 1100 hrs          Nancy Khalek (Brown University) Islam is a Conversation-stopper? Changing Notions of “Tolerance” and “Civility” in the Classroom

Gregory S. Starrett (UNC, Charlotte) Talking about Islamic Violence


1110 – 1230 hrs          Aaron Hughes (University of Rochester) Nostalgia for an Invented Past: The Quest for an Authentic Islam

Robert Morrison (Bowdoin College) The History of Rationalism(s?) in Islam


1230 – 1330 hrs          Lunch Break


1330 – 1500 hrs          Jamal J. Elias (University of Pennsylvania) Girl Brides and Boy Soldiers: Ahistoricity and Impossible Questions

Terenjit Sevea (University of Pennsylvania), The Excavation of Ghaib Ore: The Forgotten Histories of Islam in the Mines of Modern Malaya


1515 – 1645 hrs          Laurie Margot Ross (Cornell University) Can the Transregionalist Speak? Redefining Islamic “Authenticity” in the Academy and Across the Seas

Shahzad Bashir (Stanford University) Conceptualizing Time Beyond the Orientalist Paradigm in Islamic Studies


 Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies, the South Asia Center, the Middle East Center, and the School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania