The South Asia Center is pleased to announce the 2017 Hindi-Urdu Startalk Program! The 2017 program will be completely online!

Interested in learning to communicate in Hindi-Urdu? After completing the 2017 Hindi-Urdu Startalk program students will be able to speak and understand Hindi-Urdu in a range of real-world contexts. Students will also learn to read and write one script. All materials will be provided in both Hindi and Urdu scripts—the language content is identical. Students will engage with various Hindi-Urdu authentic materials to gain direct experience of culture. Classes will be fun and interactive incorporating games, role-plays, guided conversations with native speakers, and many other engaging activities.

The 2017 program will be held completely online. Classes will be held Monday-Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm eastern time, May 22nd-June 28th (Summer Session I). Students will need a broadband internet connection to take part in the program.

The program is open to students who will be college undergraduates or high school students when the program begins. This year’s program targets students at the beginning level. Students who have some limited prior exposure to Hindi-Urdu but are not yet at the intermediate level may also apply.

Students will receive one course unit (c.u.) of Penn credit upon completion of the course. If accepted, the program will provide tuition assistance to cover the major part of the program cost.

Please check back again soon for information on how to apply.


 Questions? Please contact Program Director Josh Pien at


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