Bangalore: Agrobiodiversity Conservation

Bangalore is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka in Southern India. It  is sometimes regerred to as the "Sillicon Valley of India" because of its role as the nation's leading information technology exporter, and the "Garden City of India" because of its greenery and many public parks. Students staying in Bangalore will live in a demographically diverse city, home to educational and research institutions, a lively underground music scene, and a mix of restaurant types and cuisines. 

Host Institution: Green Street Foundation Genetic Resource Ecology Energy and Nutrition Foundation (GREEN Foundation) is a charitable trust that has been working in the state of Karnataka on agrobiodiversity conservation for over 23 years. It has a vision of a well reserved, diverse ecosystem that will sustain the rural livelihoods of the present generation without eroding the resource base of the future. GREEN Foundation works with marginalized female farmers and focuses on conservation of agrobiodiversity and sustainable agriculture. GREEN Foundation adopts the following strategies to address the challenges faced by small scale famers: Conservation of agrobiodiversity • Promotion of sustainable agriculture • Diversifying livelihoods to minimize risk • Maximize return to farmers through value addition and direct marketing of impact products • Bringing market, science and community together for a win-win proposition • Certification and Research. Students can develop a research project and/or help to further projects already in progress

Mentor: Students will be placed with mentors based on reserach interest, after they have been accepted into the program.

Program Dates: Between June 1 - August 11

Program Length: 8 Weeks

Housing: Options include a guest house, postgraduate housing, or airbnb

APPLICATION DEADLINE January 24, 2020 @11:59PM.

APPLY here! For questions contact Amelia Carter, Assistant Director, at