UVA looking for Distinguished Chair in Democracy and South Asian History

This year, the University of Virginia's History Department invites applications for a Distinguished Chair on Democracy and the History of South Asia whose work contributes to our understanding of the global history of democracy. Today home to the world’s most populous democracy, the region has long and continues been a central node in broader global historical currents. We are particularly interested in historians who can offer perspectives on earlier periods in the history of South Asia and on the longer histories of institutions, thought and practice that animated social and political life in the region, as well as those who are able to situate the region within broader transregional and global political formations.

The mission of the Democracy Initiative is to promote excellence in research, teaching, and public engagement on democracy at a global scale by bringing together a diverse range of scholars, government leaders, and practitioners to study and advance the prospects of democracy around the world. The Democracy Initiative is interdisciplinary and supports and advances the work of faculty, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, in the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences. To that end, the Initiative supports a variety of labs built on models of collaborative work. The Democracy Labs consist of a series of three-year, rotating labs on various topics, connected by the work of the John Nau III History and Principles of Democracy Lab (the Nau Core Lab), an interdisciplinary hub of research, teaching, and outreach. In addition to holding an appointments in their home departments, the new faculty member hired will also be a member of the John L. Nau III Lab on the History and Principles of Democracy.