Public Programming and K-12 Opportunities 


K-12 Teacher Opportunities

The South Asia Center’s Outreach program serves K-12 teachers and students, post-secondary institutions, businesses, and the general public regionally and nationally. Our K-12 teacher training activities are routinely organized in collaboration with other organizations within University of Pennsylvania, such as the Penn Museum Education Department and the Graduate School of Education, and with community-based organizations, such as Global Education Motivators (GEM)The South Asia Center provides professional development for K-14 educators through our annual Summer Institute.


Community Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions

SAC has developed other collaborative teacher trainings with our partners at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), Camden County College, Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), Penn Museum, Teachers Institute of Philadelphia (TIP) and Brown Choices Program. SAC has regularly provided funding, conducted teacher training sessions, and recruited lecturers for community colleges and MSIs in our region.


Business, Media, and General Public

Our programs actively engage diverse populations in the Philadelphia area. SAC events are free and open to the public and many are designed specifically to reach local and national public audiences. We regularly organize public lectures and panel session addressing emerging topics from the news as well as public affairs lectures and co-sponsorship of public policy issues through Perry World House, the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy; and CASI.


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