MSI Course Development Grant Application


The South Asia Center offers faculty at Community Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions the opportunity to apply for module and course development grants for South Asia focused curriculum. 

As a National Resource Center, the South Asia Center aims to support the development of expertise through the addition of significant South Asia course content in courses taught at MSIs through awarding course and course module development grants. Applications are now being accepted from faculty members from any MSI in the Philadelphia region. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be an Affiliated Faculty member of the South Asia Center and teach at a Minority-Serving Institution teaching in any discipline. Not an Affiliated Faculty yet? Click here to apply.

What kind of Course Modules will the SAC Development Grant support?

Any new and significant course component relating to a South Asian country (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) will be considered. For example, a course on International Development Ethics might choose to introduce a set of case studies on microfinance outcomes in India. Other examples of new modules: the Bhopal disaster & Engineering ethics, case studies on building hydroelectric dams in India, etc. All proposals will be evaluated on the potential impact of the proposed module to expose students to South Asia in a meaningful way

What other kind of support can the SAC Development Grant provide?

We can support your project in several ways, in addition to funding.

Specific guidance will can be provided by Penn South Asia faculty specialists as well as faculty working in various disciplines. Our input and advice may take the following forms: 

  • Identifying the people and resources at Penn best positioned to contribute to your course module and helping you to collaborate with them.
  • Arranging for guest lecturers on South Asia topics to visit your class.
  • Providing access to Penn library resources.


How to Apply

1.  A project title and 1-2 sentence description of the proposed new course or course module.

2.  CV

3. A 500-or-less word narrative describing the proposed course module on South Asia, its intended audience, source materials, and end-products.  Please address how the course fits into the overall school or university curriculum (i.e., how often it is taught, what requirements it meets, etc.)

4. An approximate timeline.

Ready to apply? Please complete the form and submit your request here.