Puducherry: Psychology in Indian Society

Puducherry (previously known as Pondicherry), a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, is now a Union Territory nestled in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry has a fascinating mix of Tamil cultural heritage and French colonial history. The historic neighborhood of the French Quarter is known for its tree-lined streets, colonial villas and chic boutiques. A seaside promenade on the edge of town runs along the Bay of Bengal and is host to cafés, restaurants and parks. Pondicherry is a three-hour drive from the metropolis of Chennai and 20 minutes from the alternative intentional community of Auroville.

Host Institution: Pondicherry University. Students can develop a research project related to these subjects and/or help to further projects already in progress. 

Mentor: Professor Maguipuinamei Rejoyson (Joey) Thangal is an Assistant Professor at Pondicherry University specializing in psychology. His research focuses on the psychological impact of stigma within marginalized communities in India. Professor Thangal's work has primarily focused on MSM (men who sleep with men), transgender and/or Hijra, Dalit, low caste and/or leper populations. He also researches micro aggressions and can advise students on mental health research topics. Professor Thangal can advise projects and facilitate field work connections for students interested in any of these areas. Students under Professor Thangal’s supervision are welcome to attend his course lectures, join in class site visits, and connect with university students working on similar themes. 

Program Dates: Between June 1 - August 11

Program Length: 8 Weeks

Housing: Students have the option of staying on the campus of Pondicherry University located 20 minutes outside of Puducherry in the town of Kalepet, in a guesthouse located in Puducherry, or in an Airbnb. Students are responsible for finding their own housing. However, SAC can assist in the search. 

Internships Available: for 4 students

APPLICATION DEADLINE January 24, 2020 @11:59PM.

APPLY here! For questions contact Amelia Carter, Assistant Director, at ameliaca@upenn.edu