Non-Penn South Asian Student Associations

Bryn Mawr College South Asian Women's Association

"We organize various events ranging from community service to religious-cultural affairs, as well as aim to bring speakers to campus whose work pertains to cultural, social and political issues."



Haverford College South Asian Student's Association

"The South Asian Society is an association of students with origins from the Indian subcontinent. SAS strives to create a greater awareness of self-identity to the members of the club as well as increase awareness of the South Asian presence on campus. SAS consists of a diverse group of students who celebrate their own heritage and traditions but also participate in a broader scale of campus-wide and community events. By means of cultural discussions and events, SAS intends to create a space of comfort for students of South Asian descent to ensure their enjoyment and success at Haverford."


Pakistan Students Association at Temple University

"The Pakistani Students Association was founded in 2005 for Pakistani and non-Pakistani students, faculty, and alumni at Temple University. The organization comes together to celebrate the rich and diverse Pakistani culture in Philadelphia. Our organization aims to embrace the spirit of Pakistan with those who share an interest in the social, economic, and political fabric of Pakistan. We seek to educate members about social issues facing Pakistani-Americans and Pakistan as a whole."


PAKSA — Pakistan Student Association at Drexel

"We want to create a sense of unity and pride amongst students and faculty by celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Pakistan. Our aim is to educate and celebrate Pakistani cultures through social events and community services. We want to provide the essence of Pakistan to the surrounding Philadelphia area while maintaining a balance of cultures for the Pakistani-American members. DUPSA is there to offer a home for students seeking to further appreciate Pakistani customs and interests. And we welcome all students to come celebrate the beauty, music, food, fashion, and colors of Pakistan."

Pragathi at Drexel

"Pragathi is a forum for students to meet and interact at the various events organized through the year. Pragathi works to promote Indian culture among the student population here at Drexel."


Rutger's University South Asia Related Organizations

"A partial list of organizations focusing on cultural, political, religious, or social issues related to South Asia."


 Swarthmore South Asian Association DESHI

"DESHI is an organization committed to the social, cultural, and intellectual exchange amongst people with a special interest in South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka)."


Variety of Indian Cultural Expressions (V.O.I.C.E) at Drexel

"Variety of Indian Cultural Expressions at Drexel University was founded to provide a unifying basis from which people may explore the beauty and cultural heritage of India and its people."