South Asia Student Organizations at Penn



Sangam is an Asian-American community discussion group. The mission of Sangam is to promote discussion on social, political and cultural issues pertaining to the Pan-Asian community.

South Asia Society
The South Asia Society (SAS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting cultural unity and awareness among its members and the University of Pennsylvania community. - email

Bengali Students Association
Founded in 2005, the Bengali Students Association is the University of Pennsylvania’s gateway to Bengali culture. We are most well known for our University City High School Mentoring program in which we mentor and tutor high school students with SATs and college applications. We also collaborate with the Penn Bangladesh Society to showcase Bengali culture and traditions to Penn and the Greater Philadelphia community throughout the year. Additionally, we collaborate with the United Minorities Council during Unity Week and other events throughout the school year. - email

South Asian Law Student Association
SALSA is an organization that serves the South Asian law student community at Penn in a variety of ways: we participate in the various South Asian cultural activities on Penn's campus, sponsor an array of lunches, dinners, and happy hours so as to build South Asian solidarity at the law school, and network with local South Asian professional associations. We also work with South Asian graduate student groups both at Penn and beyond, including those law students affiliated with the North American South Asian Law Students Association (NASALSA). - email



Performing Arts

Atma is UPenn's award-winning, all-female South Asian fusion a cappella group. Since the inception of the group at Penn in 2002, Atma has been most noted for bringing together a wide variety of genres to create a deep and unique sound. Today, the ladies of Atma continue to develop musically, exploring new sounds and ideas and driving performances with expression and personality. - email

Penn Hype
Hype is a co-ed, multi-cultural, performing arts group at the University of Pennsylvania. Comprised of members from different nationalities and dance backgrounds. Hype was formed to incorporate a unique combination of dance and musical elements into each performance. - email

Penn Dhamaka 
Penn Dhamaka is the University of Pennsylvania’s first and only all-male dance troupe. Our founder, Milan Vora, brought together a team of nine students sharing a passion for dance in the Fall of 2001. Penn Dhamaka combines Western and South Asian dance styles, aspiring to present a fresh, unique, and innovative fusion of these cultures. email

Penn Sargam
Penn Sargam is the USA's very first student-groups dedicated to promoting Indian Classical Music. Established in 2004,  Sargam has grown to include musicians from all backgrounds who share a common passion for Indian Classical Music. - email

PENNaach is the University of Pennsylvania’s only all-female South Asian fusion dance troupe.  PENNaach challenges its members to reach high standards of excellence and new heights in the development of their craft. We hope to awaken members to the importance and value of culture, history and tradition as well as instill in them the need for experimentation and discovery through new methods and approaches in South Asian Dance. - email

Penn Masala
Penn Masala, the world’s first and premier South Asian a cappella group, was formed in 1996 at the University of Pennsylvania. With seven full-length studio albums and sold-out performances at universities and venues across the globe, the group has successfully pioneered South Asian a cappella. - email

Penn Masti
Masti means flirtation or mischief, and its members certainly have a healthy dose of each. In addition, Mastifellows love to dance. Masti has recently integrated numerous dance styles such as Bharata Natyam, Bhangra, Filmy, Lyrical, Bachata, and Hip-Hop. - email

PenNaatak was founded in 1999 by Hareesh Chander and Anita Sreedhar. The purpose of PenNaatak was to perform South Asian oriented theatre. Later that year, the two successfully directed PenNaatak's first show, Tara. Since then, Naatak has grown significantly. - email

Penn QuakeRaas
Garba Raas is an energetic Indian folk dance which originated in Gujarat hundreds of years ago but has now evolved in to a full-fledged competitive circuit. Penn Raas was formed in 2007 and is UPenn's premier garba/raas team composed of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Penn Thillana
Penn Thillana was founded in September of 2005 in order to share various forms of Indian classical dance with the Penn community and beyond. We aimed to create a group where students who had either already practiced or were interested in classical dance could come together to learn from each other's varied experiences. - email