The University of Pennsylvania’s commitment to South Asia Studies began a hundred years ago, when in 1912 Franklin Edgerton was appointed Penn’s first professor of Sanskrit. Penn’s exceptional South Asia library collection dates back nearly two hundred years. In 1947, that W. Norman Brown, Penn’s distinguished Sanskrit scholar, established the nation’s first South Asia Studies Department (SAST). It is still one of the few departments dedicated exclusively to the study of South Asia. Today, four administrative units support South Asia Studies at Penn: the South Asia Center (SAC), the Department of South Asia Studies (SAST), the Graduate Group in South Asia Regional Studies (SARS) and the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI).





Graduate, undergraduate and language programs are available at Penn to immerse yourself in South Asian language and history.
Information on fellowships and grants helping scholars continue on in their learning.
Information on obtaining information, materials and resources from the Van Pelt Library on Penn's campus.
Information on using internal resources at the South Asia Center, whether our wealth of experts to book for speaking engagements, or our vast library of materials.
For students interested in South Asian culture, these organizations can connect you to those with similar interests and backgrounds.

Additional resources available in our General Resources section.

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