2010 Penn STARTALK Intensive Urdu Student Program

 The South Asia Center (SAC) at the University of Pennsylvania will again host the Penn STARTALK Intensive Urdu Student Program July 7-27, 2010. Based on the very positive response from the Urdu speaking heritage community to the 2009 program, we are anticipating a vibrant and even more enriching experience for students this year. We invite applications from students entering grades 9 through 12 in public and private schools in Philadelphia and neighboring regions.

Program Description:

  • Provides an exemplary non-residential intensive Urdu summer language program for twenty-four high school students
  • Provides the students with scholarships to study Urdu through a Standards-based curriculum
  • Enhances students’ communication skills in foreign/heritage language for personal enrichment
  • Highlights the need for learning Urdu as a necessary medium to understand the culture of Urdu-speaking communities in the world outside the classroom
  • Informs students about opportunities to continue Urdu learning and generate interest in them to enroll in college-level Urdu courses
  • Shares its standards-based curriculum with high schools that wish to teach Urdu in the Philadelphia region and beyond
  • Provides opportunities for classroom observation and interaction to the teacher-trainees at SAC’s STARTALK Hindi-Urdu teacher training program (pending funding) and in follow-up non-credit Urdu Saturday workshops in Fall 2010.

Participants Will Receive:

  • 105 hours of formal instruction in Urdu and opportunities to explore language and culture of Urdu-speaking communities. There will be separate tracks to address the needs of students based on their cognitive and linguistic abilities. The program will raise students’ linguistic skills and promote their interest in the language and cultures of South Asia.
  • Lunch and snacks every day of the program.
  • A University of Pennsylvania ‘Certificate of Participation’ upon completion of the program.
  • A learning packet of Urdu learning materials to aid further self-study.
  • Supervised arrangements can be made upon request for students to remain on campus till 5pm if awaiting pick-up.

Curriculum & Faculty:

Experienced and nationally recognized Penn faculty and guest lecturers will lead sessions and conduct workshops. In this three week, non-residential Urdu program, the curriculum will be Standards-based and will emphasize the use of authentic materials appropriate for high school students. It will provide a practicum experience in Urdu language and the culture of Urdu-speaking communities, under the guidance and leadership of qualified and experienced instructors. Guest speakers will visit classes to address cultural topics and lead cultural activities.

Contact Information:

Rubab Qureshi, Program Director

Zoe Papademetriou, Program Coordinator, STARTALK

Phone: 215-898-8817 or 215-898-7475