2011 STARTALK Hindi Program

Penn's STARTALK Student Hindi Program was a three-week experience for both heritage and non-heritage Hindi language students. The umbrella theme of the program was "Travel to India" which covered the sub-units: Preparing for a trip (geography; flling out basic information for a passport/visa, packing for the trip: clothing and other items, weather/season, starting yoga excercises); During the trip (greetings, introductions, meeting people, self); In Delhi (visiting a home, food, at the train station, directions, visiting historical buildings and Gurudwara); In Lucknow (rickshaw ride, getting to meet a family, shopping, visiting a mosque, pigeon flying,); In Haridwar (bus ride, visiting a temple, festivals). The students learned basic Hindi language skills in the context of Indian culture in India and abroad. The curriculum was based on the national standards and the best instructional practices.

For more information, call 215-898-7475 or email program director, Dr. Shaheen Parveen, at shaheenp@sas.upenn.edu