STARTALK 2013 Program

Click here for detailed information about this summer's Intensive Urdu Language Program at the University of Pennsylvania!

Penn's STARTALK Urdu program will take place from July 8th to July 27th. Prior knowledge or exposure to the language is not a prerequisite for this program. The program has seats for 12 students. Students will benefit from instruction by highly distinguished Penn faculty members who are leading experts in their fields. A Standards – based curriculum, high quality learning materials, and a range of activities and projects are employed to maximize students' acquisition of Urdu linguistic skills as well as gain familiarity with the cultural knowledge needed to successfully engage in meaningful interactions.

This program is offered as both credit and non credit.

Students with a love of languages and foreign cultures will find the immersive environment ideal to their studies, and the cultural background to the program provides students with interests in religion, South Asian history and politics, and art and music areas where they can apply their language skills. This will also be an excellent opportunity for students to receive an embedded experience of campus life at the University of Pennsylvania.

It will also help demonstrate wide interests on their college applications and resumes, and enable them to compete more effectively for jobs and other opportunities in an increasingly global world. Fluency in Urdu is a highly desirable skill for students interested in pursuing careers in government in the army or politics, such as a UN translator, South Asian art and music, IT, non-profits, or at a global company, such as an international law firm.